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VISTA Gives Ladies in Poverty a Lift

30 Nov

You may try to convince yourself that secretly telling people the color of your bra on Facebook is helping the world but this is a way better way to get the women in your life involved in making a difference. Sara Stout saw a problem and she thought of an innovative way to engage people to fix it.

From the Billings Gazette:

Certainly one of the most uplifting stories of generosity is the bra drive organized by Sara Stout, a Vista-AmeriCorps volunteer at The Hub, 515 N. 27th St. Recognizing that homeless women usually can’t afford proper lingerie, Stout started a campaign last month to collect bras for “ladies in poverty.”

As of this week, 1,300 bras had been donated, mostly brand-new apparel. Additionally, two national businesses have pledged to donate a large number of new bras to The Hub, according to manager Joe Chalupa.

The bra project drew great support from Montana State University College of Nursing students who helped publicize the effort and held health classes for homeless and seriously mentally ill women at The Hub. Some of the donated lingerie has already been distributed to women who use The Hub, more is in the Hub clothing closet and hundreds of bras will be donated to Project Homeless Connect, the annual Billings effort to reach homeless individuals throughout the community. Project Homeless Connect is set for Jan. 26 at the Shrine Auditorium.

Let’s give thanks for all those who give selflessly and generously in our community in so many ways.

Could ladies in poverty in your community use a lift? I don’t think the women in Billing, MT are the only ones who could use some VISTA power.
Thanks for the article @Illumin8Poverty!

Become a Blogger for VISTA Pulse

30 Nov

VISTA Pulse is a new site to capture all the exciting news and resources out there for VISTAs. Did you know there is a free social media webshop every month just for VISTAs? Did you know VISTAs helped write the 10 year plan  to end homelessness in Billings, MT? VISTA Pulse is a place to share and collect all of those successes.

But VISTA Pulse can’t exist without your help. You have the pulse on what you and other VISTAs are doing in your community. You know what you need and can contribute. You’re the only one who can give us your unique perspective on what it means to be a VISTA.

Blogging for VISTA Pulse can be a one time commitment or a year long journey. You choose the subject your passionate about or the story you want to tell. We just provide you with the space to share.

Becoming a Blogger for VISTA Pulse is easy! Just send an email to Robyn Stegman at and let her know your name, email, and short statement on why you want to be a VISTA Pulse Blogger.