Two MLK Day Webinars This Week

1 Dec

Let’s face it, January is an awful time to do service projects in most parts of the country. It is cold and bleak. There is nothing sexy about volunteering in January.

Yet  Martin Luther King Jr. Day is one of the best days to do service. There are tons of resources, tons of encouragement, and your volunteers get to be part of a national community of service. This week there are two great webinars out there to help you get the most out of your MLK Day project.

Today (Dec. 1) at 3pm: MLK Day 2011: Create Your Communication Plan.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is such a great time to grab media attention for your organization and volunteers. Since this is the 25th anniversary of the first observance of this federal holiday a lot of local media will be paying attention to ways their community is celebrating this day of service. This webinar will get you prepared to reap the rewards of that attention and to create a plan to engage media around your MLK Day project.

Read more in the latest MLK Day e-Action update.

Friday (Dec. 3) at 3pm: MLK 2011 Signature Civic Dialogue Events – Supper and Cinema

This year the Hands On Network is supporting the first annual Sunday Supper and Community Cinema. On January 16, 2011 thousands of individuals across the country will come together to share a Sunday Supper and discuss the most pressing issues in their community. Paired with that event is the Community Cinema which is a critical venue for social change that will bring people together to watch a film, reflect, and serve. Find out how you can bring these two great events to your community at the webinar on Friday.

Read more in the Hands On Network’s MLK Day E-Newsletter

Even if you can’t make these webinars make sure your organization is thinking of ways they can engage people to better their community on MLK Day. Bring some joy in the bleak, cold month of January.


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