21 Great MLK Day Resources

7 Dec

January 17, 2011 will mark the 25th anniversary of the Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday. Across the country thousands of Americans will honor his legacy of service by committing to make MLK Day a “day on not a day off.” To celebrate this day of service many organizations offer resources to help communities moblize and support volunteers. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a great time for VISTAs to engage people in the work and mission of their organization and in the process build a culture of service in your community.

Here are 21 MLK Day resources to help you plan a amazing project:

1. Register Your Project

Make sure to register your MLK Day project. This page gives you information on how to go about doing that

2.  E-Action Updates

These updates contain resources on everything from creating a communications plan to fundraising.

3. American Sunday Super Toolkit

The Hands On Network is sponsoring a national campaign to host Sunday Supers across the country to talk about key community issues. This PDF gives you everything you need to host your own event.

4. Become an E-Reporter

E-Reporting for MLKDay.gov is a great way to get the photos, tweets, and blogs you post about your MLK Day experience out to a wider audience.

5. MLK Day: Volunteering and Giving Back

This Huffington Post article from last year’s MLK Day gives five great ideas on how to give back on MLK Day.

6. Hands On MLK Day of Service Toolkit

This is a great resource to help you develop and manage your volunteer project for MLK Day. It’s a great overall resource that walks you through MLK Day planning and implementation from start to finish.

7. MLK Day Promotional Materials

Order free materials like bookmarks, stickers, posters, and an DVD with inspirational MLK Day of Service videos.

8. 2011 Semester of Service Toolkit

The Semester of Service is a service-learning initiative that encourages schools and organizations to create projects that begin on MLK Day and continue until Global Youth Service Day in April. This is a great way to continue learning and serving beyond January 17.

9. MLK Day Tips and Tools

This is an extensive list of resources with everything from media interview tips to volunteer management

10. Community Cinema Toolkit

The MLK Day Community Cinema project uses documentary films to inspire service in the community and educate people about the critical issues our world faces. It’s a great project to do on MLK Day and this toolkit gives you everything you need to start a Community Cinema event in your community.

11. Recommended Videos for the MLK Day of Service

This is a great list of videos about MLK Day and service. The best part is that National Service members can rent any of these videos for no charge from the National Service Resource Center/

12. MLK Day Service Learning Curriculum

This is a great resource for teaching about MLK using service-learning. It also has a great collection of MLK quotes.

13. Mobilization Webshops

This is a list of upcoming and archived MLK Day webshops on topics ranging from Best Practices to Bringing MLK Day Projects to Scale.

14. MLK Day Challenge Toolkit

The MLK Challenge model sorts volunteers into groups, gives them a challenge, a small budget, and empowers them to use creativity solve the challenge and meet a vital community need. While this was intended for college students I think it is a cool model any organization could use.

15. MLK Day Action Guides

You can find ways to get involved in specific issues like Veteran’s Issues and Financial Literacy with these action guides.

16. Create the Good How-To Guides

These How-To Guides are great for individuals who want to plan their own service project on MLK Day

17. Hands On Network Service Ideas

The Hands On Network also provides a list of How-To guides with lots of service project ideas for individuals and organizations.

18. Service Connection

The Service Connection is a social network designed to help people collaborate and share resources on MLK Day.

19. MLK Quotes

Quotes are a great way to inspire people. Write them on sidewalks, stick them in bathroom stalls, use them in reflection, be creative with these words of wisdom.

20. Volunteer Match MLK Day Site

VolunteerMatch.org has a special site to list MLK Day Service opportunities. Opportunities posted there will also appear on AllforGood which is used by Serve.gov and MLK.gov to find and list MLK Day projects.

21. MLK Day YouTube Videos

These videos are sure to inspire you and your volunteers.

This is by no means an extensive list. Comment and share you favorite MLK Day resources!


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